for PFFFestival  
acrylic painting
19,00m x 16,00m 
Stuttgart, Germany 2022

with assistance by Marina Friedrich 
photos by Thommy West

for bar Wiener
acrylic painting
3,00m x 3,00m 
Bremen, Germany 2023

photos by Imke Wrage

acrylic painting
3,00m x 4,00m 
Bremen, Germany 2021

teamwork with Melanie Gandyra
for Underbridge Festival
acrylic painting
16,00m x 10,00m
Innsbruck, Austria 2023

photos by Manuel Kokseder
teamwork with Marina Merino
for Kunstrausch
acrylic painting
about 9,00m x 14,00m
Wittenberge, Germany 2023

photos by Juliette Kowska and Paula Fraile
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